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Casino Payouts

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Payout refers to the money your bets win for you. The payout percentage differs from casino to casino. It is available in both online and land based casino. It will be good to explain what payout means with an example. If casino offers a payout of 90 percent, this means that if you wager $100 and wins you will be paid 90 dollars which is 90% of your betting amount - $100.

However, there are methods through which the payout is calculated. So, when you wager $100, this does not really mean that you will be paid $90 when you win. This is a misconception many gamblers are having. Each game has its own payout and besides the payout is calculated according to progression of time.

If you are playing casino through the internet you should consider the payout first. (This does not mean that it is the only thing to be considered. Such things as the software being used by an internet casino, the customer support system and even the accreditation of the online casino should be considered. The banking options should also be considered.)

In online casinos, the term payout can also be used to refer to e casinos. This is used when gamblers want their funds through e casinos. This is another meaning of payout.

The payout for individual games

In each of the casino games there is a specific payout in each game for various betting options available. You can verify that from the pay table of the different games. You will win as much as you wager. In Video Poker for example the standing hands pays each coin according to its value. Most of the time, it is said that it is good to wager the maximum bet always. This is the meaning of the statement. If you opt to bet on a quarter for example it will not be to your advantage if you stake $3 while the maximum bet is $5. The payout is huger if you stake the maximum amount. Besides, it will be annoying to stake $3 and it happens that you get the royal flush. You will be losing the huge jackpot.

The above means that the payout percentage depends on the amount of money brought in by the bet. So, if the payout of a casino is 97%, it means that the house will take 3% of the total amount that the bets earn and then the winner will go with 97%.

This is where the problem lies. For the payout to be given you have to win all the money and most of the time it is almost impossible for a player to withdraw all his earning until it reaches a stipulated amount.