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Keno has the same playing format with lotto. This keno has been in existence for many years in China. Today, there are online versions of the games.

Indeed, the games resemble lottery in your state. In the game a ticket will be issued to you. Then from the ticket pick some numbers and then stake on the numbers. Out of the 80 numbers available, you are permitted to choose a maximum of 10 numbers. The minimum number that you can choose from is four.


bingo game

When you are through with your selection, you will be presented with a container that contains 80 balls. 20 balls will be selected from the container at random. If the numbers that you have selected are contained in the 20 balls that are chosen at random you will be paid out as stipulated.

Each of these numbers that you have chosen is called a spot. For example, if you picked four numbers for your game, this means that 4 spots are what you are playing. If you have 10 numbers, then 10 spots are what you are playing.

To select your numbers, you will get your ticket and then select the numbers by using crayon meant for keno. When you have used the numbers you have picked from the ticket, the ticket ceases to be valid. The next thing you have to do is to present your ticket to the clerk who will issue you with the duplicate copy of the ticket.

The 20 balls will be now selected at random, if your number appears on the ball, you will be declared the winner. The result however, will be displayed on the keno board to the players. However, you will be losing your stake if the numbers you picked did not show on the ball.

The betting system

The minimum bets for keno games are usually 5 cents. However, in some casino $1 is the minimum bet for keno games. Before you start the game you should take time to peruse through the payout table available in the site of the casino and also available tickets that the casino has.

The amount to be won is determined by the type of the ticket that the player has selected. You can play as many tickets as possible. Another thing that determines whether you will win or not is the internet casino that you are playing on and also how many numbers you picked as well the number of spot that is required in order to win.

You can see the numbers that have won before on the keno board. There is playing strategy based on these numbers. The strategy doesn't make keno less a game of chance.