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Privacy Statement

We keep safeguards that are commercially reasonable to ensure personal information's security, privacy and integrity submitted here. We also update and review our security measures periodically because of recent technologies.

Other Parties

Our established relationships allow our website visitors to directly go to website that are third party operated. Several websites might have our logos co-branded in them, as well, but they aren't maintained or operated by us. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for such websites' practices or content, even if we are connected to them. Such links are merely there for the convenience of the user. Third party links don't constitute our approval, sponsorship or endorsement of the practices, content or policies of the other websites. After leaving the website through a link, check the third party website privacy policies, as applicable.

We might utilize third parties in order to manage games, sweepstakes, chats, contests, or various other features. Such parties might then be able to access the personal information that visitors give as they partake in such activities. To extend, other parties help us administer games, sweepstakes, chats, contests, and various other features. In such cases, they act as agents and agree to follow our policy, which means that they won't put information to use for purposes aside from giving the required services for the special features, as needed.

Other advertising networks and companies are used to deliver the website advertisements. Such companies might then use web beacons, cookies, clear .gifs and similar technologies in order to present these advertisements, as well as to research and measure the effectiveness of said advertisements. Using these company technologies would be subject to other privacy policies, though, and would not be covered here.

Children and Changes

Every parent has to pay more attention to their kids and monitor the websites that their kids visit. We don't gather personal children information knowingly. We would also recommend for kids under 18 not to submit personal information to games, memberships, promotions or contests that we host without the consent of their parents. Our website isn't meant for kids to use nor is it directed to them.

Occasionally, this policy will be updated and in such cases, its last update will be revised underneath. For any material policy changes, you will be notified with a prominent website notice. We shall never materially change your personal information use without directly contacting you for your consent first.