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Terms of Conditions

Common Limitations

The players have to follow the legal age regulation and this is the player's liability not the casinos. The legal age to play casino games in this website is 18 so if you are not 18 or more then you will not be permitted to play casino games in this website. You also agree that you will never use the software of this website for any purpose unless you are authorized to use it for the purpose that is legal.

There are some areas or regions that do not permit the real money gambling and players from those regions can't apply for the real money betting casino games. It will be your responsibility to know and follow the rules and terms of your area about real money gambling and you can't blame us for violating a law by you.

When you are creating an account, you will be able to have a single account only; more than 1 account is not permitted by the casino. We have the rights to ask you to provide your national id copy to verify your real identification. If you have more than one account then we have the rights to terminate those accounts except 1 where you can continue playing.

If you have the blocked accounts then it will be your responsibility to make your cash out of the accounts. You can't transfer the money credits, tournament tickets, poker points to another account and when your extra account will be blocked, those things will become void and null and they will be no use for you.

Per Household Single Money Account Will Be Allowed

We allow a single money account for a household and if we find out more than one account form the same computer and address then we will close those accounts. The funds of those accounts can be transferred as cash to the player but if the player is already using any promotional features then that offer will become void and null. If the player has a due to the casino then the player has to deposit that amount otherwise the casino will take legal steps to get that due.

Players are permitted to have 2 money accounts each

If the player transfers funds over 3 accounts in this website then we will block the account and ask for the cause to the player and if the answer is reasonable then we may unblock the account with the warnings that we will terminate the account if the player does the same again but if the answer is not enough we may terminate the account immediately.