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Video Poker

Video Poker is a casino game formed by combining some elements of slot machine and then Stud Poker. It is played in similar way with stud poker and it is also quick. The game has many variants which presents gamblers with multiple options to choose from. Some of the options that you can choose from are:

  • All American
  • Joker Poker
  • Deuces wild
slot machine players

There are also other options not listed here. One aspect of this game is that it is very fast and brings some kind of thrill to the players. You can play 1 coin and above but you should not play more than 5 coins. Each of the variant of Video poker has its own figure.

If you want to play Video poker you should know that there are strategies for playing any variant of the game and the payoff also differs. For example, the payout of All American is more appreciable than the payout of others. This means that to be able to get huge payout you have to master the playing strategy of each of the variations.

How the game is played

In Video Poker the target of the players is to have the best possible hand. The hands in all the variation of Video Poker have the same rank. The payout of each variation is displayed on the Video poker machine's face.

You can see the slot aspect of the Video Poker in the betting system. Betting in Video Poker is simple and direct. Each game has its own value. There are games of $0.25, $0.5 and also $5. The bets range from 1x to 5x which is the maximum bets.


The payout for maximum bets is better and higher. Clever players decide on the bets that best suit them as well as the game that they prefer.

This means that if you are at home with a $5 bet then you should choose one dollar machine and them bet a maximum of $5. If you prefer $25 bet, then opt for a $5 game. This is because with a maximum bet of 5x, you will get to the level of $25. In each of the situation above you will get the highest payout odds possible in the game. The strategy resembles that of slot machine.

The payout ratio is also not the same in every variant of the game. 25:1 is for jack as well as for better. But Four of A kind which is a variation of All American has the payout of 30 is to 1. The odds also are not the same. It depends on the game you are playing. However, the house edge of Video poker usually is relatively lower. Sometimes it can be as low as 0%.